Are you making money, but passing through stress & rigors of life?

This is because majority of the people love living a life only on an active income, and hence they are required to trade all their time and put all their energy in the business or the job they do. Isn’t it true that...

Most of us have to work beyond our human capacity to earn a fixed income from our business or profession?

Worst, many of us earn handsomely but at the cost of time we spend with our family or doing work that our heart loves.

Even worst, many of us barely have enough money left for retirement and ultimately have to work all our lives.

This is a harsh reality of life!

We always wonder wouldn’t it be great if we could have a source of second income that could take care of all our expense and allow us to live a stress-free life? Fortunately, it’s all possible!

Take first step. read...

The Secrets of Money Mastery.

With this Book from Yogendra Shah, you will learn-

9 Proven tools to generate a Strategic second income

2 Steps to become Wealthy.

Why your money doesn’t Multiply?

Mistakes that Smart Investors Make.

Where do we send e-format of this book?

This book changed my mindset completely! Generating passive income is no longer an issue.

— Rupesh Singh (Chief Officer, Merchant Navy)

Make no mistake!

Earning well is NOT a financial freedom. Having a regular second income stream is.

Let us answer some of the queries that might have...

What is Strategic Second Income?

A Strategic Second Income is money received on a regular basis with little to no effort by you.

Why it is important?

It is really very important because we live in the a world of uncertainties & our regular earning system may fail anytime.

What difference will it make to my life?

With a second income stream which is higher than your expenses you can —

Take care of all your critical monthly expenses, easily.

Chase your passion, not money.

Build & Maintain your dream lifestyle.

Get immunity from job loss or business risk.

Spend quality time with your loved ones.

Transform your relationship with money.

Yes, you can achieve financial independence much sooner than you ever thought possible.
With Yogendra Shah’s Help over 100 Salaried Professionals & Entrepreneurs have attained Financial Successes.

Success stories

47% Higher Quarterly Fixed Income Flows.

Post detailed risk analysis, mapped time horizon, taxation impact & product scrutinization, Yogendra prepared a road map for regular income flow for Sudhir Mathur.

With Yogendra’s strategies & product composition, Sudhir’s Regular income flows witnessed a near 50% Jump.

Yogendra helped me increase my Fixed Income by over 47%, allowing me to get much higher regular income flows.”

Sudhir Mathur
Product manager, Rera Advisor

Reviewing Rotting Assets worth over 14 Lacs.

Yogendra helped Nitin Jolly review his 16 years old dead assets, Inherited share certificates, private debentures, and PSU tax free bonds.

With Yogendra’s help Nitin could get fresh certificates issued and his rotting assets worth over 14 Lacs and got succession certificate made in his own name.

“Yogendra’s coming in my professional life was a turning point. He made gold out of rust for me. I can’t thank him enough.”

Nitin Jolly
Director, 5 Elements

Meet Yogendra Shah

A leading financial consultant & creator of strategic income framework

During his 16 years of illustrious career, Yogendra has managed over 3000 Individual Investors and 100+ Corporate Giants like TCS, LG, Hyundai, Birlasoft, Adobe etc.

His father taught him his first investing lesson on how banks function. After Post Graduation in Business Management from Bangalore University, Yogendra worked for almost a decade with top foreign banks like ABN AMRO Bank, RBS & Indusind Bank. During his work stint he managed some of the most sophisticated investors and most complex investment portfolios.

Today, he is running a Wealth Management firm SNMA Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. and also provides no-nonsense advisory to his wonderful clients who are struggling against time and juggling profit & passion.

He helps his clients in unique ways to create sustained regular income to live life FREE OF FINANCIAL STRESS.

Services Offered

Financial Freedom

From preparing your Risk Profile to helping you make money from High Yielding Bonds, Equity, Real Estate, Mutual Funds, Dead Assets & more.

Estate Planning

Helping you with Judicious Inter-generational Asset Transfer and end-to-end assistance in Will & Trust Formation.

Wealth Management

No Two Individuals have same aspiration & dreams. Tailor made portfolios by industry best advisors.

Portfolio Turnaround Services

Liquidate dead / excess / overstock / surplus inventory, stock and other assets and make profit out of it.

There are always new ways to make money. Learn the secrets to generate
handsome second income, which is higher than your expense.

Thanks to Yogendra, I’m making over 1 lac a month as my secondary income. He literally pulled me out of my financial mess.

Arvind Mahara
Marketing Head, Pizza Hut (Rajasthan/UP)

Yogendra is my biggest Support system when come to any thing of finance. He helped me get out of the bunch of Rot Stocks and a Real Estate mess.

Gaurav Tripathi
Business Development Manager, Johnson Controls

Yogendra’s Portfolio Mix is the best bet for safe and regular returns. I tried several top bankers But no one could deliver the way Yogendra does, every single time.

Sanjay Singhal
Brand Management, Charms Incorporate

Are you willing to...

Have financial freedom as well as time freedom, where you can spend your time as you please? Or,

Are you willing to not only get a quality lifestyle you have always dreamed of but also maintain it for a lifetime? Or,

Do you want to have an absolutely stress-free life, retire early, enjoy your vacation yet keep building your money empire?


Then don’t waste another second. Let Yogendra prepare a framework and a proven second income toolset to give your money-making quotient a big boost.

Meet him. He will be delighted to help you sitting on the other side.

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